U校园新视野新视野大学英语1读写教程答案Units5 联系客服

2. This course requires students to read widely in literature, and it places emphasis


women's literature.

3. The aim of the program is to provide students with the basic skills of the profession and an ability to adapt


new circumstances.

4. Many young women are so keen to keep themselves


shape that they take the diet to extremes.

5. The expenses and planning involved in travel canceled


the possible pleasure she would have. 6. The discussions are intended to pave the way


official agreements between the two countries. 7. This booklet gives you guidance on how to deal


problems in the workplace.

8. Jerry loves his mother, but sometimes he feels she is a little bit too harsh



9. If you are lacking


confidence, ask yourself what most frightens you and find ways to overcome it.

10. Online shopping has been growing


an increasing rate these years.

1. It is thought that writing about troubling experiences helps people deal with them.

2. It is reported that a film by an unknown director has won the first prize in the film festival.

3. It was known that this world-famous company evolved from a small company with a few people and a single office. 1. The ticket is a good deal, but the trip is

(Reference: not without problems)

(并不是没有问题的). 2. They knew this was

(Reference: not without risk)

(并非没有风险), but they encouraged us to carry out the plan. 3. Based on the evidence of the murder case, the policeman's concerns are

(Reference: not without foundation)


Hi Philip,

Are you coming for a sporting weekend with me next month? It would be great – just for a change from 1)


computer games. We can 2)


lots of different activities. We could even 3)


fishing. We certainly can't go skiing in summer, but we can 4)



Are you thinking of 5)


morning exercise? I think you should. You can 6)

(play / do)

whatever sports you like. I've never 7)


golf, but I'm going to learn that. I have often been told that if we can exercise just two or three times a week, for about half an hour each time, we will certainly 8)


our body in shape. Let's try it out!

By the way, have you read the story about Cliff Young? Compared with other athletes, he was much older, without any substantial support of money or equipment. However, what is missing can be 9)


through hard work and practice. In a marathon race, he 10)


distinction with his determination. He 11)


the record by finishing the race nine hours earlier than anyone else! He definitely 12)


the respect of all of us as he showed us how ordinary individuals can achieve remarkable results.

Sincerely, Greg