U校园新视野新视野大学英语1读写教程答案Units5 联系客服

) He is

(Reference: playing baseball)

. 2) She is

(Reference: swimming)

. 3) She is

(Reference: running on a treadmill)

. 4) She is

(Reference: playing tennis)

. 5) He is

(Reference: cycling)


Yes. Generally speaking, these sports are popular among college students, though they are not as popular as basketball and soccer.

? Not all of these sports are popular among college students. As far as I know, swimming and tennis are more popular among college students than the other three sports.


1. I like jogging and playing tennis. When I jog, I listen to music or English. So I don't feel bored and I can learn something while exercising. I also like playing tennis because it is a very exciting sport and it is fun playing with friends. 2. ? I don't do sports every day, but I try to exercise regularly. On weekdays, I'm too busy with my classes and homework, so I can only do sports occasionally. But on weekends I always manage to spend as much time as I can playing table tennis, going hiking, or doing yoga.

? I spend about half an hour doing exercise every morning. Usually, I run on the sports field on campus. But if it rains, I do push-ups (俯卧撑) and sit-ups (仰卧起坐) in my dorm. If I have time, I play soccer or basketball in the afternoon with my classmates.

3. Yes, I think so. Playing sports offers many obvious benefits. Playing sports is good to our health and good health is important for success at college. It also helps cultivate cooperation and teamwork. Besides, playing sports is very good for the development of our social skills, for sports teach us how to communicate and cooperate with people.


1. Because the Sydney-to-Melbourne race is 875 kilometers long and it is a harsh test of endurance for the world's top athletes.

2. Cliff Young was a toothless 61-year-old farmer; he was wearing rubber boots, and was much older than the other runners.

3. Other athletes neither believed it nor treated Cliff Young with respect.

4. Because Cliff Young didn't run properly. He had the strangest running style and appeared to shuffle.

5. When people found that Cliff Young ran through the entire night without sleeping and when it seemed to them that he intended to keep running until he reached the finish line or fell ill or was injured.

6. When he was running, Cliff Young imagined he was gathering his sheep and trying to outrun a storm.

7. Cliff Young gave all the prize money to five other runners. He didn't keep a single cent for himself.

8. Cliff Young is a brilliant example showing that ordinary people also have the inherent quality to achieve great results.


1. I think teamwork, fair play and honesty, and excellence in performance best characterize the spirit of sports.

? Teamwork: Individuals can be strong on their own, but they can be much stronger in a team. You can't win alone in a team game.

? Fair play and honesty: Respect the rules of the game. Be honest. Never cheat even though you know you won't get caught.

? Excellence in performance: Always try your best. Show your efforts and best performance.

2. By playing sports, people can cultivate honesty, determination, and mutual respect.

? Honesty: You will learn that having the sense of fair play and observing moral principles are essential in playing sports.

? Determination: Be ready to face difficulties or frustrations and never give up. Ultimately, this could be the deciding factor when it comes to winning or losing. ? Mutual respect: It is compulsory to play by the rules. You will learn to respect your opponents, fellow players, referees, and fans.

3. No, winning isn't the most important thing in sports. Winning is good, but there is much more about playing sports than winning. Playing sports brings about many benefits, the most important of which is to cultivate the spirit of sports. The spirit of sports is best reflected in the Olympic Creed, which reads: \just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.\

4. I think it means that a true champion has great confidence and determination that we should not take lightly. A true champion knows one must push his limits of endurance or strength or skill to achieve victory. A true champion never gives up.

5. The story of Cliff Young is extraordinary and inspirational, from which I have learned a great deal. I have learned that we should pursue our dreams regardless of what other people have to say. An ordinary person can become a hero, and wonderful things do happen when we are determined and committed. Most important of all, we should believe in ourselves!

1. The


conference which I attend every year is going to be held in London in January next year.

2. According to the terms of your


, you must give three months' notice if you intend to leave this company.

3. We were honored that so many people of


and talent were present to discuss the issues.

4. The local government has been providing


support to them, without which they couldn't have been so successful. 5. The secret agent promised that the information he


was obtained from reliable sources. 6. Whether


or professional, American football is perhaps the most popular sport in the US. It attracts a total attendance of over 40 million and is watched by many more millions on television each year.

7. Shops try to meet the DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion by offering consumers parts and hardware which they can


at home.

8. I wonder how she will


to the news if I tell her she is not going to get a raise this year. 9. It was


that the professor's lecture failed to impress the students as some of them had left before it was over.

10. We all admitted that the trip was worthwhile after we saw a(n)


palace and a fantastic museum.

boring ? 1) (bore) fascinating ? 2)