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10. blonde hair 金黄色头发 11. a long face 一个长脸 12. a round face 圆脸

13. have an interesting job 有一份有趣的工作 14.police artist 警局绘画师

15. draw a picture of the criminal 画一个罪犯的像 16. in newspapers 在报纸上

17. on television=on TV 在电视上 18.each criminal 同一个罪犯

19. describe the same person differently 描述同样的人不同 20. real criminal 真正的罪犯 21. in the end 最后

22. first of all 首先;第一 23. wear jeans 穿牛仔裤

24. wear sports shoes 穿运动鞋

25. have(has) straight brown hair 有一头直棕色头发 26. be short /tall 矮/高的


1.I may be a little late.我或许要晚一会儿。 2. He isn’t tall or short.他个头既不髙也不矮。 3.—What does he look like?他长什么样? —He's really tall.他长得确实高。

4—What does she look like?她长什么样? —She has long straight hair.她留着长直发。 5.—What do they look like?他们长什么样? —They’re of medium build.他们中等身材。

6.—Do they have straight or curly hair?他们留有直发还是卷发? —They have curly hair.他们留有卷发。 7. Is he tall or short?他个头高还是矮呢?

8.He isn’t tall or short He’s of medium height.他既不髙也不矮,中等个头。 9.What does your favorite teacher look like?你最喜欢的老师长什么样? 10. And he's really handsome.而且他的确帅气。 11.She has blonde hair.她长着一头金发。

12.Many people don't always see things the same way so they may describe the same people differently.人们并非总是以同样的方式看待事物,所以他们会将同一个人描述得不一样。

Unit10 I’d like some noodles?


1. would like sth 想要某物

2. would like to do sth. 想要做某事 3. put on 穿上,戴上

4. take one’s order 点菜


5. in the beef noodles 在牛肉面里

6. mapo tofu with rice 麻婆豆腐外带大米 7. what kind of noodles 什么种类的面条 8. a large bowl of noodles 一大碗面条 9. a medium bowl of noodles 一中碗面 10. a small bowl of noodles 一小碗面条 11. what size 什么尺寸

12.May I take your order? 可以点餐了么?

13. beef noodles with carrots 带有胡萝卜的牛肉面 14. green tea 绿茶 15. orange juice 橙汁

16. around the world 世界各地

17. in different countries 在不同的国家

18. birthday cakes with candles 带蜡烛的生日蛋糕 19. the birthday person 寿星 20.make a wish 许愿

21. blow out the candles 吹灭蜡烛 22. in one go 一口气,一次性的 23. come true 实现

24. get popular 变得流行, 受欢迎 25. long noodles 长寿面 26. cut up 切碎/断

27. a symbol of long life 长寿的象征 28. be different 不同的 29. be the same 一样的

30. bring good luck to sb. 带给某人幸运

31. have different kinds of … 有不同种类的......


1. What would you like?您需要什么?

2. I'm not sure yet. Are there any vegetables in the beef noodles?牛肉面里有蔬菜吗? 3. Yes, there are some tomatoes.有,里面有西红柿。

4. OK, I’d like the beef noodles, please.好的,我就吃牛肉面了。

5. I like dumplings、fish and orange juice.我喜欢吃饺子、鱼及喝橙汁。

6. I don't like onions,green tea or porridge.我不喜欢吃洋葱,也不喜欢喝绿茶和粥。 7. What kind of noodles would you like?您要什么面? 8. I’d like beef noodles, please.就要牛肉面吧。 9. What size would you like?您要什么碗的面? 10. I’d like a large bowl, please.就来大碗的吧。

Unit11 How was your school trip?


1. school trip 学校旅行


2. go for a walk 去散步 3. milk a cow 挤牛奶 4. ride a horse 骑马 5. feed chickens 喂鸡

6. talk with a farmer 与农民交谈 7. take some photos 照相

8. ask some questions 问一些问题 9. grow apples 种苹果

10. show sb. around splace. 带某人逛某地 11. learn a lot 学到许多

12. pick some strawberries 摘草莓 13. last week 上周

14.In the countryside 在乡村

15. visit my grandparents 拜访我的祖父母 16. go fishing 去钓鱼

17. sound good 听起来很好 18. climb the mountains 去爬山 19. play some games 玩一些游戏 20. visit a museum 参观博物馆 21. visit a fire station 参观消防站 22.draw pictures 画画

23. go on a school trip 去旅行

24 visit the science museum 参观科技博物馆

25. how to make a model robot 如何制作机器人模型 26. gift shop 礼品店

27. buy sth for sb. 为某人买某物 28. all in all 总得来说

29. be interested in... 对…感兴趣 30. be expensive 昂贵的 31. not...at all 一点儿也不


1.—Did you see any cows?你见到奶牛了吗

一Yes, I did. I saw quite a lot.我见到了而且见到了很多很多 2.—Did Carol take any photos?罗尔拍照片了吗? —Yes, she did.是的,她拍了。

3.—Hi, Eric, How was your trip last week?你好,Eric,上周旅游怎么样?

一It was excellent. I visited my grandparents in the countryside.精彩极了,我还去乡下看望了爷爷奶奶。

4.We had so much fun!我们玩得非常开心!

5.I took a lot of great photos, too.我也拍了好多精彩照片。

6. All in all, it was an exciting day.总之,这是令人兴奋的一天。 7. I’m not interested in that.我对此并不感兴趣。


Unit12 What did you do last weekend?


1. last weekend 上周末

2. do one’s homework 做作业 3. go to the cinema 看电影 4. go boating 去划船

5. camp by the lake 在湖边露营 6. go to the beach 去海滩 7. play badminton 打羽毛球

8. on Saturday morning 在周六的早上

9. study for the English test 为了英语考试学习 10. feed some cows 喂一些奶牛

11. work as a guide 做为一个导游工作

12. Natural History Museum 自然历史博物馆 13. butterfly house 蝴蝶馆

14. over 200 kinds of butterflies 超过200多种蝴蝶 15. tell sb about … 告诉某人关于… 16. living habits 生活习惯 17. be kind of tired 有点儿累 19. stay up 熬夜

20. play with sb. 和某人玩 21. lose things 丢东西 22. run away 跑开 23. fly a kite 放风筝

24.as a special gift 作为一个特殊的礼物 25. take sb. to sp. 把某人带到某地 26. go camping 去露营

27. put up the tents 搭建帐篷 28. make a fire 生火

29. keep sb. warm 使某人保持温暖 30. on the first night 在第一天晚上 31.so...that... 如此…以至于… 32. go to sleep 去睡觉 33. get a surprise 吃惊

34. see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事 35. jump up and down 上蹦下跳

36. climb onto one’s back 爬到某人背上 37. shout at/shout to 大声喊叫 38 wake …up 把...弄醒

39. move into… 移入,爬进…中 40. a useful lesson 有用的一课



1.—What did you do last weekend? Lucy?Lucy,你上周末做了什么? —Well, on Saturday, I played badminton.噢.周六我打羽毛球了。 2.—Hi,Lisa, How is your weekend?你好,Lisa,周末过得怎么样? —Great, thanks.好极了,谢谢。

3.I worked as a guide at the Natural History Museum.我在自然历史博物馆当了一名导游。 4.They have a beautiful house with over 200 kinds of butterflies! 它们(指博物馆)有一个漂亮的房子里有200多种蝴蝶。 5.—Did you have a good weekend?你周末过得愉快吗

—Yeah, it was good, but I'm kind of tired now, I stayed up late to watch the soccer game.愉快,但我现在有点累,我熬夜看足球赛了。

6.Where did she go last weekend?她上周六去了什么地方? 7. She went to a farm.她去了 一家农场。

8.—When did he lose them?他是什么吋候丢的钥匙? —I heard it was yesterday.我听说是咋天。

9.As a special gift, our parents took us to India.作为一份特殊的礼物 我爸妈带肴我们去了印。

10. Well, son,that’s why it's important to learn a second language.所以嘛,儿子 这就是为什么学习外语的重要性啦。

11.There we put up tents and made a fire to keep us warm and cook food on.在那里我们架起帐蓬,生火取暖并做饭。